Residential Roofing

We got our start working with home owners in need of a trusted roofing contractor. Our business grew with generous word of mouth referrals from satisfied customers. Whether it is a small repair or replacing an entire aged or storm damaged roof, we are proud of our roots in one on one service to home owners in our community. We value the trust and confidence of our customers and treat every new client like they are our first. Please feel free to contact us today so that we can begin to serve your roofing needs now.

Do you have roof damage?

Are there any visible dents (blisters) on your roof’s shingles? Just because you don’t see any damage to the inside of your home does not mean your roof was not damaged. When there is no visible damage to the inside of your home, it may provide a false sense of security. By neglecting exterior damage, you run the risk of damage to your home in the months to come. Even worse is if you don’t file an insurance claim within the time guidelines stipulated in your homeowner’s insurance policy, you may lose benefits that you are entitled to now.

To help you judge the seriousness of matter you should know that in the recent times, hail storms have produced baseball-sized hail. These have already caused extensive damage to roofs of residential properties in major cities as well as the suburbs. Given the size of the hail, you can easily imagine the degree of damage that they can cause to your roof, especially if it is made of asphalt shingles.